Saturday, March 21, 2009

To be honest, not a whole lot worth mentioning has occurred over the past 10 days. So you might as well go back to watching the NCAA tournament…just kidding! I successfully turned 24, returned to Australia, and then flew down to Tasmania to check out some of those big trees and animals I’ve been working so hard to protect. Not many photos to show for all that, so it will be a quick entry anyway.

I ended up spending my birthday in Wellington with a couple of my friends I met while working at a resort back in the US: ‘Carl’ who I introduced a few posts back and a fellow American who requested an especially elaborate pseudonym that I cannot recall, so we’ll just call him ‘Grievous Vasquez.’

Here we are with several of ‘Carl’s’ mates carrying what sums to a shocking number of beverages through New Zealand’s capital city.

I managed to score a free ticket to Wellington’s massive waterfront music festival called Homegrown. You may not quite be able to recognize them (or be able to have ever heard of them before) but in the background there is no other than New Zealand’s premier drum and bass act, State of Mind.

I know how mighty impressed and jealous you are.

The days since haven’t really inspired my photographic muse. You all know what an airplane looks like and I’ve already spent better than 3 months in Sydney. I will say that Emirates is the best airline I’ve ever flown, just eclipsing my experience with KLM.

Also I woke up at 3 am the other day to catch the first round of the NCAA tournament with an American friend and basketball fan with whom I went to high school and who happens to be studying abroad at UNSW. For some reason ESPN stopped covering the action after 5 hours in favor of showing reruns of world’s strongest man, which means I missed seeing Duke. Anyway, my bracket is now busted with Wake’s pathetic first round loss.

I just arrived in Hobart a few hours ago so no Tassie pics yet, but stay tuned… I’m going to some Wilderness Society protest tomorrow morning and will hopefully meet some nature-lovers keen to explore a bit of the bush with me.


BobDad said...

OOh,, watch out for the Tasmanian devils, since you cannot see the Blue devils.


Anna M said...

Just caught up on all your adventures, Scott. What a great time you're having! My brother spent 6 mo working in New Zealand and traveling around. Bought a car for $500 and sold it for about that at the end. Have you considered that? Of course, on his, the brakes went out on Christmas day. so be careful the type of car you get!