Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hombres (y chicas) trabjando

The manual labor has pretty fun and fulfilling so far. I just jumped in to help the volunteers do their stuff the first few days to get to know what the role is like since part of my job is keep volunteers happy and make sure they have work to do.

I helped put in the posts for this sweet chicken coop. The pits are for compost.

Some of the yucca we planted last week has already started to sprout.

None of the Canadian construction workers speak a lick of Spanish, so I’ve been acting as master-translator so they can communicate with the Ecuadorian maestros. They keep saying “man, it’s a good thing you’re here!”

I don’t think we’ll get it all done by Friday, but we’ve made a great start. Hopefully it will be ready for the school year to start in April. I’ve been taking pictures, videos and interviewing some of the participants. When it’s all said in done I should be able to put together a pretty suave utube video.

This wednesday, as always, we knocked off early for some futbol. My team won a thrilling 5-4 come-from-behing golden-goal victory.

Next week there will be a group of 7-year-olds here. Apparently it’s my responsibility to make sure none of them die. I’m sure a good belting of “There was a great big moose” should keep them out of trouble.

Then after that I should begin sinking my teeth into a bit of biodiversity research. I’ll be visiting other Ecuadorian reserves, learning some methods, and bringing them back to La Hesperia. Also they want me to summarize every (!) research study that has ever been conducted here, which should be quite a tall task.

Don’t worry I’ll keep the blogposts coming.

Hasta luego

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pammyj said...

Very interesting variety of tasks. Piper is almost old enough to volunteer.