Thursday, February 4, 2010

No puedo hablar

No deaths or injuries so far with the muchachos which is quite good.

I walked with them up the big hill and heard a lot of “Cuanto falta?” So I distracted them from their exhaustion by talking with them in Spanish about America, wild animals and LEGO Star Wars.

On the left is not the president’s son, on the right is not the president’s son and none of the kids in the back struggling to keep up are the president’s son either. Is the president’s son here? Well, I can’t say.

What I can say is that I milked a cow and rode a donkey yesterday. I also helped build a new tree nursery because a huge avocado branch fell on the current one.

Here’s one of the volunteers “Chen” working the vaca teets.

Yeah, this is a quick post, mainly just to keep me in the habit. But it wouldn’t be a post without a bird pic.

This cute, noisy thing is a Pacific Hornero. They are everywhere here.

Hasta Pronto


Lo said...

You get lots of comments, what are you talking about? well I like the way in which you avoided mentioning that the President´s son was there, very subtle :) And the bird pics too, fantastic.

You should come to Otavalo at some point... Shane and mike said that the market was amazing, I was in bed dying all day, only emerging to interweb and have some soup. I´ll for sure be keeping up with stuff at La Hesperia through your blog though :) talk soon

Samantha said...

milked a cow? awesome