Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bogota  is a bit like Quito with its old colonial-era quarter, ugly concrete barrios and a backdrop of stunning Andes peaks, but it packs more than 4 times more residents within its limits.  Riding around on the mini-buses (colectivos) is as entertaining as many a Disney World ride and costs just 65 cents.  

I visited El Museo de Oro yesterday to see what pre-Colombian trinkets were salvaged from Europe{s ransacking of the regions precious metals.  I also dropped by the gallery of Botero art (he{s the Colombian who painted the fat people see below)

They also had some work by Picasso and Dali and entrance was free.  

Last night I went out Salsa dancing and this afternoon I went to a thrilling football match in which the local Bogota team "Millionarios" won 2-1.  Colombian soccer fans lived up to expectations for craziness.  In the proper sections (which I was told specifically to avoid; muy peligrosa!) they jumped and chanted the entire match.  

Like Ecuador, essential goods and services are quite cheap by US standards.  For example, at the salsa club last night four Cerveza Costeñas,  cost just 5,000 pesos (2.50 USD).  Back home you might be able to buy a PBR out at a bar for that price if youre lucky.  

Tomorrow morning there will be a moment of truth when I find out for sure whether my visa problems are solved.  If all goes well I will celebrate by making a b-line for colonial Cartagena on the Caribbean coast and then on to beautiful Tayrona national park.  

I have now successfully met up with former Tyler Place staff in four continents.  Asia and Antarctica will be tough to pull off though if I want to complete the circuit.  

Again, no card reader, so you{ll have to use your imagination.  

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Lo said...

God that is one fat-ass gato! I'll cross my fingers for your travels... hope the salsa dancers treating you well... and gently :)