Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home again

This post has two main purposes: 1) to announce that I have officially survived my 8 months in South America and 2) to steer readers (if any still exist) to my new blog: Birds on the Brain

After a 30-hour reunion with my Peruvian friends in Lima I hopped on my red-eye flight to JFK. They were a nice few days in New York catching up with some buddies from Brown and readjusting to luxurious, but expensive consumer society. Ironically about the only pictures I took were in the tropical house at the Central Park Zoo.

These are supposedly the largest pigeons in the world (and arguably the prettiest). Time to start planning a trip to New Guinea!

After flying back to to North Carolina I went almost straight to Emerald Isle for family beach week. We were delighted to learn that there were several Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests in the vicinity of our section of beach. While we missed the 3 am hatching of the closest clutch, we did get to see "turtle patrol" volunteers excavate a couple dozen survivors that were still trapped under the sand a few days later.

I'm finally back home and have just started a doctoral program at Duke's Nicholas School for the Environment. This marks the conclusion of my travels and this blog (for now). Who wants to read about environmental aquatic chemistry anyway? But for some revisiting of South American birds and updates on local bird happenings check out: Birds on the Brain (for those too lazy to scroll back to the top).

So until next time (perhaps the climate change summit in Cancun in October? and definitely the Mediterranean in May 2011) Scott is signing out.

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